Two high quality ten month old mastiffs learning arm work.
  • The very first step in training is to put a collar on you pup.  Let the pup get use to this for a couple of days
  • The second step is to put a lead on the collar and let the pup drag it around for a few hours make sure the lead does not tangle on anything.  This gets the pup used to having a lead attached.
  • The third step is to tie up your pup up to a tether peg where it cannot hurt itself in any way. They may well pull back and cry out but do not give in.  Stay in view to ensure they do not become tangled up.
Why tie my dog up you may ask as most people do
  • This is the first and most important lesson in restraint and learning how to just sit or lie in a relaxed manner, you never know in the future when you will need to tie your dog up in any situation. Also this will assist you when you are teaching your puppy to walk on the lead.
It takes 2 years to train a dog correctly to a very high standard, if you wish to do this, we can train you by telephone to achieve the ultimate level of training.

The most important point of all your training is that you must not alter the dogs natural state of mind. I am always available by phone to assist you with your training needs and questions.

                        Two young pups learning to walk on a lead