Testimonials from past and current customers

I have had several large security dogs over the years the Australian Mastiff combines all the best attributes of my previous dogs.  Teachable and loyal. I also have special needs children and I could not have a better dog for them in all aspects he is so patient and attentive.  This dog recently saved my children from getting bitten by a brown snake.  They were playing in the backyard, the dog saw the snake comming towards them and killed it.  He is our hero.



Owner of two Australian Mastiffs from Australia’s Best Bodyguards, Hercules and  Hector.
I have owned many dogs and many different breeds. Without a doubt the Australian Mastiffs that were supplied to me from Australia’s Best Bodyguards were the finest animals.
Both dogs were almost human in intelligence and very affectionate. Whenever I walked either of the dogs in a public place I would be stopped countless times and asked about the back ground of the Mastiffs. They have  become local celebrities in thier own right around Bondi Beach.
I felt very spoilt to have owned such beautiful dogs. There temperament and aesthetic/visual appeal was outstanding. The time and effort that has gone into the intense selective breeding is clearly evident.

This is my "Hercules" when he was young

Troy and Kylie
His personality - well he is a great big sook (ha ha) he loves attention and loves to play and spend time with you.  He loves to lean on you and as you can see from his size he is not light.  So I tell him to lean on his own breakfast.  He knows when he’s in trouble and tries to suck up to you.  But he is good he sits, stays and lays down when you tell him.  He won’t touch his dinner until you say he can.  We can go away on the weekend for a night or two and he is fine and sooo excited to see you when you get home.  He only barks if there is a problem which is good and he is a very good guard dog. He only lets the mower man in as he has been coming since he was a puppy.  But he won’t let anyone else in.  He is great with kids he loves them but has to learn he is a big dog with a lot of weight.  He loves to play tug a war with you and chasey.  You have to chase him all the time.  He gets a bit jealous of our other dog you have to give him a hug first.  But they get along great.  She is the boss and he quite often lays on his back to she can get him.  We are really happy with both dogs.  The bitch is a great guard dog as well so have no worries about anyone breaking into our house.  Good luck to them if they can get past the dogs.

The black  dog in the photo below is my Australian Mastiff "Shadow"

Naish owner of "GRIZZ"
South Australia

Grizz, our Australian Mastiff, is eight now and not a day goes by when we don’t realise how lucky we are to have a dog like him. The only regret is that we didn’t realise his full potential earlier, not to worry because I can never see myself without an Australian Mastiff and everything Grizz has taught us will help us understand & benefit from the full potential of these dogs in the future. Whilst we need to be the pack leader, especially with a dog of this size & capability, we should never doubt their judgement of a situation or a reaction to specific people (be it welcoming or protective) because they understand this far better than us.  I read a quote once that said “dogs are as sentient as people, if on a lesser plane”), this is true for most dogs but for Grizz & other Australian Mastiffs I’d say they are far more sentient; responsive & perceptive & intelligent than us & as far as I’m concerned, Grizz is an equal, not on that lesser “plane”.

When people first meet him, they’re intimidated by his sheer size. Even those that have known him all his life & see him every day can’t quite believe how big he is but look past the intimidating stature, get to know him & you soon realise he’s remarkable. Our Daughter, Eliza, is nearly seven so she’s always had Grizz in her life. To see her grow up with him has been priceless, they’re inseparable. Where she goes, he goes. When she laughs, he wags his tail. When she cries, he goes to see what’s wrong & gives her a big slobbery kiss. When she’s scared, he protects her. That’s the thing with Grizz, yes he’s the best family dog you could have. Children love him & he loves them even more. He’s gentle, kind, so passive & accepting. But should the need arise, he will protect you like nothing else could. When you see this protective side, it gives you a new found respect. It’s not violent or uncontrollable like you’d see a guard dog portrayed on the TV, or the type of ‘killer’ dog the media likes to beat up on every time there’s a dog attack. There’s a calmness, a confidence that in itself has an even greater form of intimidation. The thing is, Grizz has nothing to prove. He knows how complete he is, it’s really up to us to realise & accept how amazing he is.

Here are photos of my Australian Mastiff "Grizz"