In the world of rare breeds this is the rarest of rare dogs

Australia's Best Body Guards are proud to present the Australian Mastiff, the finest dogs of this century and the last.  These dogs  have been produced on a working beef and horse farm, and show outstanding natural acceptance and bonding with farm animals.  They have no hesitation to guard or protect against man or beast. 

These mastiffs will do professional security work or just be family companions and playmates to your children, while maintaining the ability to assess an individual situation and act accordingly.

These are undoubtedly supreme mastiffs.

Our dogs have been selectively bred for 30 years, concentrating on temperament and ability.  


For the first time ever we are offering breeding pairs for sale. (This is a limited offer as there are only 3 breeding pairs for sale)

This will enable successfull buyers to breed the rare black mastiff, also successfull buyers of breeding pairs will have access to ongoing breed plan support and training consultancy.

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                                                                                           Updated 9th January 2011